Welcome to the Hippy Pilgrim… home of my famous (thank you Queen Latifah!) Black Peppercorn Garlic Salt! Hippy Pilgrim salt is made just a stone’s throw from historical Plymouth, Massachusetts and features FRESH garlic, kosher salt and ground black pepper. We source our garlic seasonally from Green Mountain Garlic in Waterbury, Vermont (August-October). When we receive our bucket of garlic, we hand peel the garlic and make our salt in small custom batches. What makes our salt so awesome for home cooks or professional chefs is that we strategically combine the three most popular culinary flavors into a convenient one stop seasoning to save you time while ramping up the flavor. Replace your salt and pepper shaker with our pinch pot of HP Black Peppercorn Garlic Salt-essentially anything you season with salt and pepper you will replace with this unique salt.

I season shrimp with Hippy Pilgrim's Basil Salt, toss in EVOO and cook on the grill. Add to pasta, fresh tomatoes, basil leaves, little more olive oil and top with mozzarella. These salts add so much flavor, I keep my refrigerator fully stocked!


Corn on the cob with Hippy Pilgrim Lemon Basil salt!


I made white pizza with a no yeast dough and sprinkled Rosemary Garlic Salt from the Hippy Pilgrim... it turned out perfect! Salty, creamy, cheesy and crispy!