New Kitchen New Products!

New Kitchen New Products!

Posted by Susannah Sapir on Apr 1st 2022

I can't believe the new kitchen has finally arrived! I've watched so many home renovation shows over the years and longed for a kitchen space to call my own. I honestly just wanted a simple clean space to make cooking videos with my products. I wanted a functional space designed around my cooking style which is a laid back grab and go system. I've always had dark kitchens so light was important to me. My wish list was simple and straightforward and I'm so grateful Jenny at Full Circle Homes & Farm in Plympton made it happen.

I've gained ten pounds eating DoorDash the month it was renovated. We literally ate through all of New England on that app. Now all we're craving is home cooking in the new space. I'm my happiest when I'm cooking. It allows me an escape from day to day stress. Cooking allows me to create and try cuisine from countries I may never have the opportunity to travel to. I smile when I cook and love listening to music while the whole process goes down. Cooking relaxes me and allows my creative side to shine through. Cooking allows me to express my love for people around me. I love the smiles and happy sounds people make when they eat my food. Cooking is an experience and I wish everyone had the patience for it. It's so rewarding at the end when you finally get to dig in!!

A week after the new kitchen was completed my oven door exploded. No lie. The tempered glass on the inside just smashed to pieces inside the oven. The oven was cooling down after testing a recipe for gluten free popovers. They looked delicious but were too eggy and gummy. Clearly the oven was also saying it was a hell no on this recipe. With all the delays in appliances, receiving replacement parts is also taking a lengthy amount of time. The kitchen project went so smoothly I was wondering when a mishap would finally occur. I can still use the cooktop but it's not the same! The air fryer has been a lifesaver while we wait.

I appreciate all the love and support I received during the renovation. It has been many years coming and the encouragement from all of you was so heartwarming! During the renovation it made me want to release a new yummy product your way to inspire my Spring baking. So that is how the NEW Strawberry Vanilla Sugar was born. I spent the renovation making and bottling it thinking of all the fun recipes we can all make with it!

I've mastered Strawberry Vanilla Lemonade with it. Put one cup of the sugar (one shaker plus a little more from a second) in a glass pitcher and add one cup of boiling water. You can add fresh mint if you want. Stir until the sugar dissolves and cool. Remove the mint leaves if you added them. Add 6 cups cold water and 1 1/2 cups fresh lemon or lime juice. Stir and serve over ice. Use the sugar to also rim the glass. You could also turn this into a great cocktail with a splash of liquor. If you use lime juice it would be great turned into a mojito...just sayin...

I also just made a fresh batch of Lemon Dill Garlic Salt to start Spring off! This blend is so wonderful on fish, chicken, broths, soups, egg salad, pasta or potato salad to name a few. I love it and we only make it for one season and then it goes away. Grab it while you can. If ordering online use coupon code CUSTOMERLOVE to save 10% on orders of $36 or more. Keep in mind we can fit up to 6 products in the same mailer for the same low shipping rate!